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Children with food allergies can still be safe at school but it takes good communication and planning between parents and school staff.

Our back-to-school page provides parents with useful resources and is a great guide to use to create a healthy learning environment for your child. With our “Back to School Allergy Checklist” you can prepare for a well-managed school year.

1. Get in touch with your child’s school teachers / caregivers.

Talk with them before the start of the new school year and ask to hang allergy awareness posters in the classroom.

2. Check if your child’s PAI is up-to-date.

Does your child not yet have a PAI? Find out more about how to proceed here.

(Save as image our PAI infographic to know more) 

3. Check if the yearly Teacher/Staff allergy training is booked.

Every year your teachers /caregivers should receive allergy training ahead of the start of the school year - contact them before the summer break to ensure that it will take place. Join if possible. 

4. Keep the emergency kit (Trousse d'urgence) up-to-date.

Make sure that your child’s emergency medication kit for school is complete and control the expiry dates of the individual items.

( see our step-by-step action plans for Anapen and Fastjekt

5. Inform the others Parents.

Consider handing out a a letter to other parents explaining your child’s allergies, surely some of them are unaware of allergies.

(feel free to make our template your own

6. Plan parties and celebrations ahead of time.

Speak with the teachers/caregivers about how to manage celebrations and activities that involve food at school..

(see our info sheet about Celebrations at School