Finding out about your diagnosis can be overwhelming...

... below we share a number of insights and experiences that can support you navigate your way throughtout allergy management.

Please note that we use the word "management" because that's what, in pragmatic terms, can actually be done - to manage.

Why is that? Because, for instance, there is no cure for food allergies. Food allergies are managed by avoiding the problem - food(s) - and learning to recognize and treat reactions and symptoms. There are some therapies under study in clinical trials, but none has been approved yet for general use.

Don't get discouraged by the complexity of the topic - you can do this!

It will require, in our view, two things: i) hard work, and, ii) the help and trust of your close circle.

Below, we list a few topics that will help with your preparation:

  1. ergency Care

    • Establish your emergency kit/plan

    • Always have a backup kit nearby

  2. Recognize and respond to reactions and symptoms

    • List all possible symptoms - even the ones you haven't experienced

    • Understand the "physiognomy" of symptoms

    • React promptly and firmly

    • Follow the plan

  3. Read labels and menus

    • Understand the basics of food safety law

    • Learn how to read labels

    • Find your trusted brands

    • Learn how to identify allergens in restaurant menus

    • Always explain your condition at the restaurant when ordering

    • Double check and ask for confirmation of understanding

  4. Get to know the terminology

    • You can read our 101 section to get to know the basis

    • There are a variety of useful elements online - we suggest a few on our links section

  5. Know your rights

    • There are mandatory requirements of food safety and labeling that are important to know while shopping and eating out

    • In some cases, like for allergic children in school age, there are safety protocols to follow like the PAI - Projet d’Accueil Individualisé

  6. Call out the fear

    • Don't be stigmatized by allergies - talk it through

    • Find support - people like us at LAN and many others are eager to help you out

    • Don't reinvent the wheel - obviously everyone has their ways of doing things, but there's others that have been through what you are experiencing now, listen to what they have to say, it might help